F5 Chemistry Online Live Class English (Thursday)


F5 Chemistry Online Live Class English (Thursday)


>>This class will be conducted in ENGLISH.<<

For Form 5 Chemistry Online Live Class, students will get:
✅Detailed teaching lessons using virtual whiteboard
✅Notes are provided in pdf form
✅Youtube playbacks
✅Tutorials and Answers on some common SPM questions and state papers
✅Step by step video solution to guide student on how to solve those tutorials

Form 5 *Chemistry* online live class
Date: every Thursday
Time: 8:00pm – 10:00pm
Tutor: Mr Martin

Class will start on *15th February 2024*

- To register Chemistry tuition in February, you only need to make a one-time registration fee of RM 10 and get February 2024 tuition fee WAIVED!!!
- Written notes in PDF form will be sent by teacher in the WhatsApp group after the session.
- Recordings will be available upon monthly payment received.

*Tuition fees structure:*
- RM10 / One time registration fee
- RM70 / subject (monthly tuition fee)
- RM120 / 2 subjects (monthly tuition fee)

*For registration, please click on this link:
(Please fill the form and we will contact you soon!)

Our Chemistry Tutor: Mr. Martin Teo

Fun Fact

Mr. Martin can easily host a workshop for 60 students
without needing a microphone.His voice carries well,
and he can keep everyone engaged throughout the entire session.
He is also a well-known YouTuber in the field of Chemistry,
with viewers from Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka among his audience.

Teaching Experience

  • Over 15 years of coaching experience
  • Invited speaker of Chemistry Seminar (2012 – present)
  • Invited guest, AI FM (2022)
  • Master Trainer of teachers’ programme at Perak (2018)

 Inquiry - F5 Chemistry Online Live Class English (Thursday)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Atomic Structure, 1s2 Notation

Orbitals, Box Notation, Group Number and Block, Special Case of 1s2 Notation


Ionisation Energy

Successive Ionisation Energy
Metallic Bond, Ionic Bond, Covalent Bond

Molecular ion,Sigma and Pi Bond,VSEPR(shape)

Bond Length, Bond Strength, Shape of Molecules

Sigma Bond, Pi Bond, Hydridisation

Intermolecular Force (pd-pd force and id-id force)

Intermolecular Force (Hydrogen Bond)

Ideal Gas Concept

Ideal Gas Calculation (Tutorial)

Chemical Energetics

Chemical Energetics Tutorial, Calculation based on experiment data

Hess Law
Redox Concept

Naming Compounds

Balance Equation by using Oxidation Number, Dispropotionation Reaction
Reversible Reaction, Dynamic Equilibrium, Le Chatelier, Acid- Base

Strength of Acid and Bases, Titration Curves, Choose Indicator

Equilibirum Constant Kc + PYQ

Equilibirum Constant Kp + PYQ
Reaction Kinetics + PYQ
Nitrogen and Sulfur + PYQ
Period 3 Physical Properties

Period 3 Oxides + PYQ

Period 3 Chlorides + PYQ

Group 2 + PYQ

Group 2 PYQ Structure Question
Group 17

Group 17 PYQ Structure Question
Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Isomerism, Fission, Nucleophile, Electrophile, Type of Reaction

Alkanes, Alkenes

Mechanism, Polymerisation, Oxidation of Alkenes



Carboxylic Acids and Esters

Carbonyl Compounds

Infrared Red Spectroscopy + PYQ

Mass Spectrometry + PYQ
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