Cambridge International AS Level Chemistry


Cambridge International AS Level Chemistry

Cambridge International AS Level Chemistry (9701)

Mr. Martin will guide you step-by-step on how to self-learn Cambridge AS Level Chemistry at your own pace and preferred timing. All the video lessons are RECORDED zoom class video lessons.

What is covered in the course?

This course is specially designed for you, who wish to learn A- Level Chemistry at your own pace. The video lessons are pure teaching sessions, with written notes in PDF form for you to download by yourself. This course is entitled to watch for 1.5 year (18 months) from the date of your purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Atomic Structure, 1s2 Notation

Orbitals, Box Notation, Group Number and Block, Special Case of 1s2 Notation


Ionisation Energy

Successive Ionisation Energy
Metallic Bond, Ionic Bond, Covalent Bond

Molecular ion,Sigma and Pi Bond,VSEPR(shape)

Bond Length, Bond Strength, Shape of Molecules

Sigma Bond, Pi Bond, Hydridisation

Intermolecular Force (pd-pd force and id-id force)

Intermolecular Force (Hydrogen Bond)

Ideal Gas Concept

Ideal Gas Calculation (Tutorial)

Chemical Energetics

Chemical Energetics Tutorial, Calculation based on experiment data

Hess Law
Redox Concept

Naming Compounds

Balance Equation by using Oxidation Number, Dispropotionation Reaction
Reversible Reaction, Dynamic Equilibrium, Le Chatelier, Acid- Base

Strength of Acid and Bases, Titration Curves, Choose Indicator

Equilibirum Constant Kc + PYQ

Equilibirum Constant Kp + PYQ
Reaction Kinetics + PYQ
Nitrogen and Sulfur + PYQ
Period 3 Physical Properties

Period 3 Oxides + PYQ

Period 3 Chlorides + PYQ

Group 2 + PYQ

Group 2 PYQ Structure Question
Group 17

Group 17 PYQ Structure Question
Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Isomerism, Fission, Nucleophile, Electrophile, Type of Reaction

Alkanes, Alkenes

Mechanism, Polymerisation, Oxidation of Alkenes



Carboxylic Acids and Esters

Carbonyl Compounds

Infrared Red Spectroscopy + PYQ

Mass Spectrometry + PYQ
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